Lights of a Thinker

Everyday the bulbs get a little dimmer, but I still see the lights at the end of the tunnel.

When your eye is singular, but the body of the world is full of darkness, One must keep their eyes open to see. Will you continue to be the Light, so others won’t have to stumble into the ditch they’re lead into? Or will you choose to blind yourself in order to follow the ways of all?

I have often found the narrowest of paths overlooked because it seems less desirable. I’ve also grown to learn the widest paths are the most deceivable. There’s more than what our eyes may try to entice us with, and even more than what our minds can’t even begin to comprehend.

the Answers resides within the simple, not in what we as humans tend to complicate and override. When we Choose to go against nature, it will keep us bound as the bond, chained and unspoken.. Locked in ways we try so hard as humans to believe we’re free in.


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