The thing about being alone
is that you have no one else
it’s good and it’s bad
but no one ever tells

you get to know yourself
better than you ever had
you get to see what’s underneath
that basic, fake facade

how many times will you try
to rip your soul and hide
when all others wanted
was to see it what was inside

it doesn’t matter if it’s beautiful
or scary or gruesome
let their opinions be heard
let all criticisms come

yet when you realize that all these
does not matter at all
it’s up to you, now
to rise up or fall

will you ever tear it down
will you ever get to see
that what you have within you
is what’s gonna set you free

and when the time comes
when you’re ready to face
the mess that you’ve become
things will surely fall into place

it may take you a week
or a year or two
but you must never become
someone who is not you

so when you’re alone
it’s time to think
because something might change
once those eyes of yours blink


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