Wise donations

So you met someone yesterday.
A stranger perhaps.
He made you feel nice. Happy.
He showed you love.
He gave you attention.
He flirted a little.
He made you giggle like a little girl.

Suddenly you see yourself drawn towards him.
Suddenly a stranger seems not so much of a stranger.
You don’t know anything about him.
You don’t know why his last relationship ended.
You don’t know why he has that scar under his eyes.
You don’t know why he fiddles with his hands so much.
You don’t know why did he suddenly land up in your life.


Just cause he showed you a little love, you got consumed?
You thought he was the one?
You thought he could love you like no one else?
You thought he would fight for you against this world?

He was a moment in your life.
He gave you all the love and attention because you were a kind human.
He wasn’t there to fight for you but to make you stronger so you could fight for yourself.

A moment of happiness never culminates into love.
Love at first sight is a fictional thought.
Never fall in love so soon.

You have one heart.

Donate it wisely


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