The Ache

Have you ever watched the person you love
slowly lose interest in you? lt starts off little.
you can’t quite put your finger on it. but
something is different. something has
changed. Everything feels slightly off, off
like a monday. You can almost hear it in
their voice, you can see it in their eyes You
think it’s you, you start over thinking every
single little thing, wondering what you did,
where it all went wrong, how you can fix it‘
It starts off with little things like waking up
to no text, calls become fewer and farther
between. the lack of effort, emotion and the
excuses begin to pile up. Soon it starts
tearing you apart. the feeling of not being
good enough begins to make you feel
physically sick. You know it‘s coming,

you know you can’t do anything to stop it
The aching doesn’t stop.


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