He was sitting at night with his pen and paper on the table a lamp showing him the paper that needed to be filled with his thoughts, regrets, frustrations. The paper was glowing with the reflection of the rays of the lamp in the dark room. The darkness was surrounded him. He picked up the pen and put a dot and there he stopped. He got lost in his thoughts. He was wondering what to write, how to start but there he saw one single dot on the paper. He took a deep breath and looked again at the clock and realized He passed 4 hours sitting thinking and just a fullstop on a blank paper. And then He wondered maybe that sums up everything. Everything he felt. There was a fullstop and a blank paper. That was him. A blank empty soul. Pure but empty. Glowing by the outside but the darkest within as that ink that filled the space on that paper. Maybe that was all he felt. Empty, hollow and completely incomplete.
He took a deep breath again turned the lamp off and all he could hear was the sound of the raindrops pouring down on the window on that night in his dark room & he was alone with his shattered soul. He looked here and there and noticed even his own shadow left him and that thought brought a smile on his face. How did he expect people to be there with him when he couldnt even see his own shadow with him in the dark.


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