Impetus Her

I felt so rejected, alone and sad
like an abandoned puppy left to wander a street
it was then that I realized, that my life was real bad
so I disowned every challenge I happened to meet

I just gave up on trying to make others happy
so I fell in a hole that was too deep to climb
I sure didn’t care if others felt crappy
people got on my nerves for such a long time

’til that day I saw someone who changed my ways
it was someone who I knew and disliked so much
but the way that I felt when my eyes met her gaze
I forgot all my troubles, my sorrows and such

she helped pull me out of that hellish, dark hole
I got all my thoughts back on track and my heart set in place
she filled up this feeling, one that never felt full
she got rid of my hatred, which I’ll never re-trace

it was then that I noticed, how my life would get better
she became my sweet savior, a gift from above
my life would be nothing, had I never met her
I’m glad that I have someone now that I love.


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