Foreseeable Justice- part 1

It was my last shift for the day. As usual I was just circling the IT Park. Lots of passengers get in at this time here. These changing times are a blessing to us taxi drivers – more passengers, frequent trips and occasionally a few beauties also grace our taxis, albeit sometimes with their clingy male friends, or if we are lucky, alone. But what can we do beyond just admiring them in our rear view mirror? There have been a few incidents in the city where taxi drivers have raped their women passengers in secluded areas, and it’s been quite a difficult life for me since then. I even have to take care while adjusting my rear view mirror to look at my passengers now, especially after the abuses that were hurled at me by the Delhi girl last week. My goodness I haven’t even heard truck drivers abuse like that. It took me eternity to shut her up. So my funda is simple – keep to your work, no lurking around, my passengers’ business is no business of mine. I can’t afford to lose my only source of livelihood. Bina’s coming of age; I need to get her married next year. It’s quite a tough life staying in this megapolis, but hard work often makes it easy.

     But tonight was different. She got into my taxi, and shut the door so hard I thought it would fall off. I turned back to ask her to be careful, I can’t afford another taxi after that idiot kid messed up with my earlier taxi. But as I turned she gave me such a glare that I could barely mumble, “Where to, madam?”. May be it was more than the glare. It was more to do with how beautiful she was. Between long, silky locks of hair she revealed a well cut jawline, with a chin so well defined she could be in one of those fairness cream advertisements. Her nose was the most perfect nose I’d ever seen, and trust me I’ve seen a lot of noses; turning behind to ask the passengers’ destination is the best way to check them out.
     She had long eyelashes, and her hazel pupils were affixed at me as if asking me something. Her forehead was gleaming with sweat, and her hair fell lightly on both sides of her head. I was about to turn ahead when something glistening caught my eye, and it happened to be a diamond neck-piece that shone in between her satin maroon blouse. She had taken her grey blazer off and as if habitually, unbuttoned the top button of her blouse as she had settled in, that revealed a good amount of her cleavage. I felt a sensation of a cold breeze on the nape of my neck when I saw it, and had to turn ahead in order to hide my dropped jaw and blushing smile.

     She seemed reluctant while telling me her destination, and I thanked my stars that it would take us a good half an hour to reach there, even without the traffic at this hour. Nevertheless I adjusted my rear view mirror to give me a good look at her; she seemed odd, a bit sluggish, may be fatigued from all the work, I guessed. Usually the passengers I pick up at this hour are either befuddled or drowsy. But usually the females were accompanied by their male friends in both the cases. Was tonight different?

     I drove for ten minutes, and glanced at my rear view mirror, only to find her looking back at me with arched eyebrows. Had she open another button of her blouse? We just passed the National Park, and I pulled over by a clump of tall trees. I looked behind, she was asleep. The leaves of the trees rustled in the November breeze, and it was quiet save for the sound of the leaves and the engine of my cab. I turned my engine off and made up my mind.

     I got down from my cab and opened her door. I expected her to be startled by the door being opened, but instead she opened her eyes softly and looked at me with that intoxicating stare of hers that had compelled me to stop here in the first place. Was she really drunk?

     I took her hand and lightly pulled her out of the car. She seemed to cooperate. Her hair was covering half of her face, an her eyes were hardly open. I took her behind my taxi, by the trunk, and she obliged. What was this? I’d only done this once, last week, that is. But this one needed no force or threatening. Nevertheless I decided to give vent to my age old fantasy. I took my knife out and told her that I would cut her nipples off. It felt so energizing to say it again. Her eyes became wide and she gave out a loud wail. She frantically shivered for a while and then both her hands fell on either side of her body, as if she had lost all her energy. It is always better when the woman gives in.

     I laid her on her back on the trunk of my taxi, and hitched her skirt up. It was so dark outside but I could still make out the white underwear that stood as the only barrier between us. I pulled it down, straight to her black shiny stilettos. I took a good look at her face; she looked sedated, only the white portion of her eyes being visible.

     I quickly unzipped my own pants and pulled them down. It suddenly seemed so cold, but this was superb! I felt a tingling sensation in my brain, and a rush of cold waves surged through my chest, but this is how I’d felt last week too, the only difference being this time I wasn’t already exhausted. I began thrusting.

     The woods were so quiet, even the leaves had stopped rustling. A white light shone on the trunk of my taxi, revealing the beautiful face of the woman I was making love to. The only sound around was the sound of my engine, rumbling in the distance. But hadn’t I turned it off earlier?


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