A Thought

When you’re old and weak 
And your bones feel fatigue, 
What will bring you joy?
When death is near 
And just to live you fear, 
What will matter then? 
That kid, in school you beat,
Or your college degree ?
The one hanging so well on your wall.
Or the huge house you built 
To live in, with your guilt 
From being unable to make a good call?
Or that fancy car,
The one you hoped would take you far,
now lying as dead as you are?
Will these petty things bring a smile on your face 
When you’re sitting around counting days? 
Or will it be the people, who love and care,
Through think and thin, the ones who were there?
Isn’t it those delightful memories that will last 
And all those good doings of your past? 
If those are the things that’ll matter most then,
Shouldn’t they be the things that matter most now? 
Think about it for a second, 
Give it a thought.
Shouldn’t we live life by our will
If death truly is our final resort?


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