From Blog to Website

” Why don’t you start your blog ? Your work is pretty amazing.” She quoted.
Well after thinking days and weeks if people would love my work or not He decided to drop the silly plan of writing a blog. He told her people would laugh reading his stuffs.”Why to care about people? Why not do what you love?” This wasn’t new to him but her mellifluously charming voice made it so new to him. Changing his mind he started out his blog with the first post for her. A good response encouraged him to continue with the work.
Few people said the work was depressing filled with negative vibes, ” You cannot write anything with happiness ” ,  they said.
Affected again, he got depressed, stories with restless endings, poems of depressing verses was all he had ?
Doubting his own capabilities he stopped writing for a while. “How silly can you get ? Why the hell you let people who don’t even care about you affect you?” She lashed out. “Go on ! Write something beautiful and post it.” She continued.
So he kept doing what he liked. After a while he was suggested to a website of his own. He faced similar problems to start just like during his blog. Keeping himself strong he did the same. Kept writing. That’s all that matter’s right.?
If you’re wondering who the She was who kept encouraging him, that would be the voice of someone he loved. Someone who is always there without even being in this world. Everyone has that voice , everyone has that someone all you have to do is just LISTEN.
The boring post or  simple story was just to encourage some people to hold on. HOLD ON to what you love because someday it will change, the bad days will be gone and a new HAPPINESS will rise.


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