Life And Death

Everywhere I look,
People are dying.
I feel so useless,
The alive are crying.

It’s God’s will indeed,
But it’s extremely terrifying.
They give up so fast,
Without even trying.

Hang in there, Don’t give up!
My inner voice tells me
But the devil within,
To give up, he compels me.

Don’t let the devil win,
Show him he’s wrong.
Have faith in the Lord,
Hold on, Stay strong!

I don’t question his judgement,
He’s always right.
He sees the bigger picture,
Beyond what me might.

I just pray for those people Who lost their loved souls
And for those souls,
Who lost all hope.

Things do get better,
Time does really heal.
It’ll go away if you hang in there,
That pain that you feel.


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