Tick tock the clock was running so slow, I kept staring lying on bed. It’s only 5 am on 29th july and I still have 1.5 hours to get the train for my first day in college. I kept staring the walls and clocks in excitement and kept wondering, how the next four years are going to be. Engineering was never my choice of the career but then I had no other choice left. Everything i loved was either fiction like batman or it was impossible to have a luxurious life and become an artist, probably this was only the dillusion everyone created in my mind.
  ‘Chirag’ get up and help me or atleast sleep for half an hour you have to go college you will get tired don’t just lie there like a lizard !! Mom kept shouting from the kitchen. I glanced at the clock its 5.35, I should get up now and brace myself for the adventures. I kept dreaming how my life’s gonna change and stuff will never be the same, the tensions of winning a match or how I am gonna complete that level of that game would finally transform into ‘ How I am gonna complete my portion or How will I clear my sem without KT.’
     Finally its 6.30 and I am all suited up for the college, 10 mins early i reached the station where i saw guys talking about my college and how most of their friends were in same college and eagerly kept waiting for the train. The views from the train were never so beautiful, the sweet brisky wind touching my face through the windows everything felt so different from the usual Mumbai  Local Train journies of people fighting over seats and having no space even for a mosquito to enter the compartment.
   I wondered where I would get the bus for the college so i followed a couple of students who kept hopping like they ate jumping beans and kept chatting about how the college life is gonna be. Entering the class room i starred everyone hoping to see a similar face and wishing to have a friend in same class or atleast same college but Being the first day i had an idea that every teacher was gonna ask for introduction, and finding no similar faces i was nervous as usual. The fear how i am gonna blend in this crowd i don’t know was starting to erupt through my head. The moment my hand reached the attendance sheet, i read every name and also by this time i remembered how slow i was in making friends. So the introductory session starts. I starred every one and keenly listened about them thinking i would find someone like me and we could be friends. I didn’t realise people were feeling awkward recieving my unexpressive stare.
    There were these two guys sitting right in front of me, one of them was 6 ft. 3″  height as  he mentioned when everyone amusingly asked about it. They were talking about their marks and made fun of teachers being students of same classes but different branches. I was in the same class i wished to join the conversation but the thought of being a year elder than them stopped me.
     ” hey! I am Siddesh, and you are ? Those are some beautiful sketches !! Did you make them ?” The gentle giant turned to me and asked. “I am Chirag . Yes these, they are just some of the timepass i did on my register.” The conversation continued we asking about where we came from and other stuffs…
   The first day turned out to be as expected cheerfull faces heading home with all their friends bouncing with them. It might take me few months to have a bunch of friends like this around me. Heading towards the bus i saw the love of my life, football. Few guys screaming and bouncing the ball, entered the bus.
     I entered my room and slept for hours like a dead being. Mom woke me up at dinner time, at the dinner table everyone had queries if i made some new friends or not, Maa knew i was quite slow in this process so she tries not to ask but her eyes said it all, when i am gonna change and open up to everyone and stop being so reserved she probably had in mind.
  Now that ‘The Gentle Giant’ and i were friends we made fun of every teacher passed comments on almost everyone. Lectures got interesting especially Environmental Studies where we imagined the teacher’s movements like she was dancing on a classical Indian songs which were quite accurate.
  First Practical was about to get start, I was excited thinking we could enjoy more and laugh more on some guys in the class, but the class got divided into Batches, and Siddesh and I were not in the same Batch. “Damn! I ll have to make a new friend or atleast introduce myself to someone else in my Batch.” Similar thoughts revolved around my core hoping to blend in and wishing to find more interesting peoples in my batch.
  I tried alot but everyone was busy with their friends and i was just like a shadow that noone noticed. After the practicals, We discussed how our batch friends were, i had nothing to say so i kept listening to the never ending awesomeness of Sid’s batch. I asked him to join me with his batch friends and he said he would try. I starred at everyone from his batch thinking about the wonderful description he gave, I realized they felt awkward but I was unable to stop thinking if I was a part of that group I would have so many wonderful friends i have always wished for. Out of everyone, in that group, There was a girl i felt who had loads of attitude and seemed to be quite rude.
  Finally, football selections!! I was all set for the selections, favorite Neymar jr. Jersey and the lucky sturds. Football always took me to another world, which happened again in the college scoring 2 goals, everyone on the field noticed me and also i was selected for the University Team. Some friends called me Ronaldo but i suggested Neymar instead which lead to an argument with Sanika who turned out to be Die hard fan of neymar just like me.
   Days passed by, with Sid and football I completely forgot internal exams were close, Giant (Sid) helped me with my studies. His group planned to go Bandstand after internals which we thought was the best occasion to introduce me to the group  so he asked every one if i could join them too.
    The introduction starts with Arpit ( Gujju ) the technical guy in the group, next was Vineet ( VT ) the dude, followed by Shrutika (Paneer tikka) the kya hai? girl , Mayuri ( Maisoorie ) the adviser, Sanika ( chepu )the helper, Avni ( Noddy ) the melodious one, Kashmira ( kashmir ) the honest one, Trupti ( puffin ) the minion (the one i thought had rude attitude), Pranali ( praani ) the crazy one, Nisha ( sheesha ) the dhinchak girl.
Sid ( Gentle giant) the awesomest one though i knew him he introduced himself again just for fun, the mellifluous laughs surrounded us, the wonderful aura of our friendship refreshed us and we had a wonderful time together !! Though i talked less but my silly jokes spread some smiles around us. I hardly talked to Puffin probably because we both thought we had Attitude problems, but the day turned out to be wonderful. The time passed so fast we didn’t realize how close we got, how important we became for each others. Noddy and I became bestfriends, helped each others out.
    Prathamesh ( Russu ) the rocking cricket lover met me during Fresher’s party though he missed the bandstand trip he is an amazing part of our group. We might have reduced the size of our group but the values have increased. I even realised Puffin is the Most Wonderful member of the group and i was wrong about her earlier. Now, Sid and her being the bestfriends we three musketeers will always protect each other also the group from falling apart.
  This is how I met the group of the most wonderful human beings I know. I wish i get these stupid friends in every life.
We talk about the little things
In life that change from day to day
We take a moment here or there
For a chance to catch up or say “hey”
We share our little secrets
Exchange our little jokes
We discuss our desires,
Our most cherished dreams and goals.
You know so much about me,
And I so much about you
We have a simple connection called friendship,
That we dearly value.
We are everyday friends
The kind that sit and talk
About life’s big and little moments,
Or nothing at all.
The most precious kind of friends
That never miss a beat
That ask all the right questions
And encourage all good things.
We are everyday friends
The friends that last a lifetime, too.
And I’m ever so grateful
For each day shared with you.


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