Best Friends

Two best friends.

A boy and a girl.

Inseparable to begin with.
From the good morning texts in the afternoon to the goodnight texts in the early mornings.

He was always there for her.
Whenever she’d be upset, he’d make sure he’d stay right there to make her smile. And the minute she smiled, he’d be relieved.

He used to hate her talking to other boys but he never said anything.
Nonetheless he was no less of a boy best friend. Constantly pulling her leg till she cried to then winning her heart back by doing something cute.

He was always there for her. It was quite evident.
Their camaraderie.

But she had a problem. He was indeed always there for her but he was never with her.

Her heart ached every time she’d see him in pain.
She cried in corners. Every time he spoke to a girl, she died a little from within.
He never told her what she wanted to hear. Sometimes a girl needs to hear those words. She needs to.

One day she packed her feelings and left.

He was flabbergasted. He cried that day. He cried like a little baby.

He called up his friend and told him what happened.
His friend asked him one simple question – Did you ever tell her how much you love her?

And that question hit him like an arrow straight to the chest. It wasn’t cupid.
He mumbled a sheepish ,” No. I thought she knew it”

But if she knew it, would she have left?


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