If i could…

If I could be but a breath;
Anticipating each sweet rhythm; watching the rise of my chest
Collapsing in a sweet song, sending out just my best
I’d breathe out I Love you, and forget all the rest
If I could be but a breeze;
I’d whisper my love in a rustle of leaves, anticipating as they awake
New fall colors scattering my love neither here nor there, Id debate
If this breeze was what could describe my heart, as it ached
If I could be but a gust,
I’d blast my strong gale, erupting in a clatter and loud clangs
I would howl out your name as the gust accompanied hard rain
Tears streaming down by thousands, rattling cold window panes
If I could be but a draft;
Id slip under doorways, slide in next to you as you forever sleep
Rest myself within white satin’s, under boards as they creak
Be that shiver that reminds you, you are never alone despite what you think
If I could only be with you;
As a warm wind I’d soar to heaven’s gate
I’d stay there
I would forever wait.


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