There has always been something about flames. He couldn’t clearly put a finger on what exactly it was. But she was something else, something flammable.
Even when the world would’ve ended and had begun cooling down, ice settling on every surface, burying all the ruins and presenting the Gods with a blank canvas; she would be seething with a fire so intense that it would melt the snow away.
He just couldn’t look away. Her hair was waves of the darkest of oceans and yet…
“Why do you keep looking at me like that?” she asks him with a hint of smile betraying her lips.
He shakes his head and looks out of the window again. Silence hangs thick in the air inside the confined space of the car. He can feel the warmth of her hand close to his. He doesn’t have the courage to move even an inch. He is frozen there, looking out at the trees passing by, all looking the same and all saying the same thing- look back at her. He tries to resist but how long can one resist the pleas of nature itself? So he bends his head just a little, his shoulder touches her shoulder and now he is frozen even more, the blood in his veins is frozen too so as to not even dare to not acknowledge her presence. He peeks at her through his overgrown hair that falls on his eyes.
She brushes his hair away from his eyes and her touch doesn’t feel the way he expected it to be. It doesn’t burn his skin, it is warm. It is caring. She looks right in his eyes and somehow she manages to trip all the connections in his body. Everything short circuiting all over, his heart beating faster than ever. All the thoughts about her come rushing to him with the blood that rushes to his cheeks.
Her eyes are so intense. They hold his gaze with authority, not aggressive but gentle. As if they order him to stay, to feel their warmth. He complies. He has to.
She bites her lip and rests her palm on his cheek.
Is this really happening? Is she actually touching him? She does not feel like a wildfire but he knows better. And he is right.
Her eyes are flames now as they try to find every way to take over him. Nature plays the cruelest of games when it comes to thrusting destiny onto us. A ray of sunlight falls through the window onto her lips. He sees destiny in the shade of her lips and he knows right then and there that he cannot help but follow the plans of nature, even though he knows he is going to be nothing but ash.
She smiles, her eyelashes slightly covering her eyes and that’s when the flames find him.
His lips crash against hers like waves on a high tide. Demanding to drown everything, everyone.
She pulls him closer and that’s when he knows that it is all over.
She was something flammable and him, he lit a match.


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