Sometimes when I’m alone, accompanied by night’s darkness;
I look up with courage in the vastitude of the starlit blackness,
to seek for the starlight that guides me straight to your heart,
Somewhere on the other side of a parallel world where you are mine.

Sometimes I sit for hours on a solitary bench solitarily,
Lost in the abyss of my unhealed pain’s unwary memories,
in deluge of the thoughts thinking of you in that very moment at that very bench,
Where I can sidle to you as gentle mischief and hold you as my world.

Sometimes I walk through the lonely streets with broken lamps,
that flickers in rhythm with my broken heartbeats as an obtrusive symphony,
reminiscing the times when we covered the same stretches,
with your angelic hands fitting mine as a paradigm of togetherness.

Sometimes in my dreamless slumber I stare you in the stillness,
Stillness of the ever stopping thoughts and emotions,
In frozen time where i blink for a lifetime looking into your seraphical eyes,
And say,
“you are nothing but everything to me, unforgettable in this lifetime….!”


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