Love and Magic

Cinderella losing her glass shoe, Alice chasing a rabbit,
Dwelling in fairy tales is to me a fascinating habit,
Rapunzel’s enormous locks, Snow White meeting her prince charming,
Such little pretty nothings can indeed be so heartwarming,
I watch or read with all my heart, as the stories unfold,
And look for little hidden meanings that may be left untold,
As the princess is troubled by the diabolic witch,
My anxiety and concern skyrocket to a pitch,
I long for the blissful reunion of the star crossed ones,
I guess this beautiful enchantment, in my very blood runs,
For as I look around at a world where love and magic are rejected,
I feel an exquisite dream shatter, I feel so utterly dejected,
And at least hidden in my heart, there exists a desire,
That my life be filled with love and magic, and I have my own tiny empire.


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