How real is your relationship?

Real is when you’re happy to watch Batman conquering the Gotham city just cause the way his eyes light up when he does.
Real is when she plans to surprise You on your birthday & you know everything beforehand but You’re still equally happy and surprised!
Real is assuring him that it’s okay to cry once in a while, that it won’t make him any less of a man.
Real is when you want to buy him those shoes he has always wanted instead of buying yourself that dress you loved.
Real is sacrificing your date night once in a while, cause you know a guy’s night out is what will actually cheer him up the most!
Real is meeting his lady friends happily cause you trust him unconditionally.
Real is taking a stand for him when someone tries to put him down, be it your friends!
Real is letting him have his mood swings too, cause he’s there for you when you do!
Real is letting him cherish the time he spends with his Parents, after all they are reason he’s the gentleman he is!
Real is not comparing him with other men, Cause you know he can do that too but he loves You the most!
Real is not trying to change him,but encouraging him to be the best version of himself!


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