Fussy Love

What is this whole fuss about love, I wonder!
It is a feeling which will take you to the highest sky in the first place and then throws you down from there itself.. You start feeling as if this is the only mate for you and you give all you can from your heart to this person. You don’t stop and question yourself.. I am giving my most precious heart to him. Am I sure he won’t break it ? No Never … Because love just happens.. and to some, it happens momentarily. They don’t understand the meaning of forever. You have to just pinch their ego for once and boom! You don’t exist anywhere in their lives. No matter then, if you just die in the depression of getting this shock.. or you keep craving for them and missing them throughout. No matter if you hate it but you can’t stop loving them… Nothing then matters to them because Ego was the priority…
All those promises of forever, always, I won’t ever leave you are shattered into the smallest pieces.. and for one they are just some casual promises done, but for the other, they are those promises which when shattered, shatters it’s heart to the smallest pieces possible.
You might love somebody from every feeling possible that you have, but if that somebody don’t have the mutual feelings,.. your fate is destined to be into a low and long fall..
Throughout, you deep down know it that this person will leave you, but only with a tinge of hope you keep making little more efforts.. you keep giving the endless chances because they are your priority but you do one such act of hurting their pride and then what love? what forever?. nothing of the sort exists.
It hurts! It hurts deep down to every part of this heart to have fallen so emotionally and badly in love with this person. People say that it’s okay… whatever happened, happened for the good.. Or that he was not meant for you., He didn’t deserve you!. It’s evident that they are trying to make you feel better.. but do these lines matter when all you need is this dangerous love back,? It is dangerous because it can go anytime.. but what if you are not left with any capability to tolerate this torment right now. Maybe it’s completely wrong but then wasn’t this whole Love thing wrong? Everyone knows that it’s not easy to reap the burden of these three words “I love you”.. but they try if it doesn’t work, they try harder.. and they never stop trying. That is the love we picture when we are about to enter into it.. and if by some chance you adopt this love and your partner doesn’t.. you are royally screwed!

Yes, the world doesn’t end with an end of a love story.. but all the beliefs that you have in your heart regarding love ends forever. And it’s bad for the one who is actually going to love you for real!
One person can change all of you in any span of time. It doesn’t require to be a long period of time to change someone. One person can destroy you within a year itself…You won’t be left anymore to play this game of love… something that was your everything. just goes stepping on your heart with its own feet and not caring a bit about it…. All that care would vanish in a matter of seconds. And your everything.. that whom you considered your whole world. that. for whom you fought with everyone.. that, whose follies were forgiven by you just because you love him more than anything… That person leaves you alone, crying alone.. and to live alone… That very person takes with him all your real happiness and you can do nothing but sob.
Is that what you signed for when you said “I love you too” for the very first time?
Is this the beautiful love they talk about all the time?
Is this how promises are; to be made and then broken?
Is this the end of “I can’t live without you”?
Is this the result of ” I won’t ever let you cry” Or “I won’t leave you”?
Is this what you get when you build your trust in a person and make him your everything?

All you are left with is Those memories and the broken pieces of your heart… And endless sobbing…

You paste a smile on your face and cry inside hellishly. At nights you sob alone remembering everything and unable to get over the shock that how can he do this to you.
So, who ? Who would want such a love? No one but then so many people falls in love every day and so many people fall out of it… And for those who make their partners their everything, the meaning of love shatters… their whole life gets shattered! Everything!!


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