The Rains are here


The rains are here.

And you’ve noticed it.

But have you noticed a few clichés of this season?

Have you noticed that boy listening to romantic songs?
Or that little girl dancing in the rain?
Or or or those few kids jumping in and out of the puddle?

Have you noticed that suddenly the coffee doesn’t seem that hot or that there are no calories in that plate of kanda bhajiya?

Have you noticed that a man who was wearing a white shirt and a car zooming past him succeeds in soiling shirt?

Have you noticed how the detergent ads go crazy during the monsoon?

Have you noticed a boy asking a girl out in this heavy downpour because it looks utterly romantic?

Have you also noticed those couples snuggling under the same umbrella at Marine Drive?

Have you noticed a child secretly praying that his school is shut on a rainy day?

Have you noticed a husband secretly praying that his office is shut on a rainy day?

Have you noticed humanity during the floods?

Have you noticed the happiness on a farmer’s face during the rains?

Have you noticed how much you hate the rains but secretly you love the weather because it is just too cozy?

Have you noticed how annoyed you get when your umbrella flies away and after a minute you’re ok with getting drenched?

So how many emotions have you noticed?


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