A Walk in my shoe

My dear friend,
Thank you for stopping by
Let me apprise you of a poem
About my life without a sigh.

Every day is new to me,
It might seem senile to you.
Keep your rushy breath calmed,
While you walk in my shoe.

Waking up not remembering much
What I felt like yesterday
Do write it down if you may
As you’ll forget along the way

Wondering in the morning
If I could envy the strange
Ending up being aghast
As I see everything’s changed

My Life is a mystery
That I solve every day
You might be one of its pieces
Please stay, don’t go away

Don’t shed a tear when you go on
Digging through my memories,
Molten love is pooled beneath
Nurturing the root of my tree

Evenings are easy,
As I follow the breeze
Package full of surprises
While summer makes me freeze.

Nights are pretty darker
Hope is but a dim light,
But as the moon shines so as the stars
Enlightening my way being a guide.

Despite these challenges I face,
I never lost my hope,
My shoe has enough strength
To fight stress and to cope.

To my shock, you are still walking
Please return its mine, oh you.
Polish your faded one my friend
Considering it a brand new shoe!


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