​Why do I think about her ?

I’ll tell you why!

She is beautiful, but not like those girls in the magazines. She is beautiful for the way she thinks. She is beautiful for the sparkle in her eyes when she talked. She is beautiful not temporarily but deep down her soul was beautiful too. She might seem just another girl to ones who don’t know her. But damn, once you get to know her there’s noone else taking that place in your life. She’s like the constant waves, waves aren’t constant you may think but she’s extraordinary I’d say. She could rub her eyes and the stars would get brighter. She could speak and all the favorite songs you heard will vanish away, because damn, she’s the only thing you wanna hear.And her soul, her soul’s so pure the pearls go pale. Her heartbeats, damn, her heartbeats fill the gaps in your heartbeats. You get so completely dissolved in her that the voice in your head is no longer yours, it’s hers. Every time your head speaks you’d hear her.

Who wouldn’t think about her ?


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