When you love someone…

When you love someone, everything about them starts to become infinitely better. You look at them like it’s the first time all the time, and I know they say that butterflies stand for nervousness but it’s not the anxiousness in your stomach but more of a warmth in your soul whenever they are on your mind or in front of you.  Even if you hated music, you’d still love the melody in their laugh and the song in their voice. You can walk downstairs to buy a gallon of milk and within the twenty feet, you will find something that’ll remind you of them. It’s as easy as seeing their favourite color or a stranger order coffee the same way they will. And as you start every day, you wish the sun would never set so you’d never have to miss a conversation you could have if sleep wasn’t necessary. When someone loves you, they will find their way to you and you won’t have to ask them to come meet you in the middle of the city just for five minutes. They will want to. They will want to listen to you rant about your current mood and listen to you when you are stressed about everything, even when it is absolutely nothing. They will touch you with tenderness, kiss you with the softness they inhabit, and when you are close enough to feel their heartbeat, you know it’s for you. You’ll be able to see the electricity in their eyes and the fire in their soul whenever you are together, enough to light up the world and even the sea can’t burn you out. It’s always a special moment with them, even if it’s the simplest thing such as taking a walk or drinking tea on a chilly day, and even that’ll be more than ordinary. And as this person continues to stay in your life, you will realize how deserving people are of love, especially yourself.


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