Be a human at your own risk

Don’t be gay, the world is homophobic.
Don’t be black, the world is racist.
Don’t be brown, they’ll call you stupid.

Don’t be Muslim, Islamophobia does exist.
Don’t be Sikh, they’ll mistake you for a terrorist.
Don’t be Syrian, there’s no home for refugees.
Don’t be American, gun violence might never cease.

Don’t be a man, you’ll be termed anti-feminist.
Don’t be a woman, rapists will get away because you were asking for it.
Don’t be a kid, the bogeyman with a gun is not a myth.
Don’t get older, capitalism is a trap you have to live with.

Don’t be yourself, the world is full of judgemental pricks.
Don’t be someone else, they’ll call you an unoriginal hick.

If you ask me what to do, I’ll tell you I don’t know.
But You should pray to God for a better tomorrow.


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