About me

I am Someone, who can be anyone from nine to ninety, a boy, trying to break up with his bed sheet every morning and finding his path in this world of sycophancy, balancing life between his family and friends, which yes is a very difficult task at which I hold a record of failing consistently, struggling with the fact that being good, normal, straight forward, a human; is itself not a normal thing these days. I wish to get up one morning with my Sun (not son) besides me. Sometimes I wish to wake up when my father is seeing news on television where the globe is no more sagging in its own global warming. And sometimes I wake up praying that I don’t want to die a virgin wishing that I don’t have to spend more than twenty minutes in the shower. I think of all the things I want to buy after winning a million dollars, in-spite of knowing it won’t happen. Sometimes I feel like I am wasting time on deciding which pair of glasses to wear; Now how many spectacles are too much for two eyes, can anyone tell? So I am someone, just like you. A tiny portion of the Almighty’s creation. I am someone who is selfish and thinks only about himself because, who else will? Again! Wait, let me not show my true colors to you so soon.