Perfect mold

My mind yearned for something greater  than what I could see , with my own eyes and everyday I thought there was something wrong with me because I was not happy in this life, where an abundance of food grows yet children starve, where the innocent are killed by hatred and war, where unarmed men  … Continue reading Perfect mold


Sullen Faces

Sullen faces like slates of grey... What I’d seen on a walk today. Bodies rushing bodies bolting Time for life a disregarding. Money to make and to grow old What about the hands to hold? Deadlines, projects, people to meet What about our own two feet. Sullen faces like slates of grey... What I’d see … Continue reading Sullen Faces

I let them die

I am bitter.  I mourn for the people I couldn’t become and I blame the world for it.  They killed the poet They killed the writer They killed the playwright  and everything they could’ve written. They killed the actor They killed the model They killed the muse and everything they could’ve become. They killed the … Continue reading I let them die


​I composed a symphony of explanations; Music notes danced upon apologies, A whirlwind of ways I could let you go, Forget you ever existed, But you tend to linger, don't you? Your gangly figure obscured by sturdy oak trees, Never reaching out, never speaking, Watching, waiting, aching. No words, Only silence. And if I am … Continue reading Silence