You learn

​After a while you learn the subtle difference Between holding a hand and chaining a soul, And you learn that love doesn’t mean leaning And company doesn’t mean security. And you begin to learn that kisses aren’t contracts And presents aren’t promises, And you begin to accept your defeats With your head up and your … Continue reading You learn

Howl -Part 3

I stayed perfectly still. Ricky was in the other room with the catatonic lady. He was safe for now, but I was here. I didn’t have any witty one-liners, couldn’t think of a single sarcastic thing to say. I choked out, “Why?” She brought a finger to her lips and licked it clean, blood still … Continue reading Howl -Part 3

Howl -Part 2

“What could have happened?” Alex said gruffly, his voice thick. “How? They wouldn’t turn on their alphas like this, never, they loved Lila and Champ.” Mart knelt to the ground, surveying the scene. He touched Lila’s fur reverently, and then pulled his hand back like he was burned. His eyes narrowed. “They didn’t do this. … Continue reading Howl -Part 2